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21st December 2004

Here is a Christmas present for everyone here at Babes And Vids (Which is just me), and that's a nice little video of Jordan Capri on the bed with another babe doing naughty stuff! Click the picture to go there!

[Here] are some Christmas babes for you to check out and enjoy.

Damn, [Here] are a LOT of pictures of various babes, and I mean a LOT.

Know those babes that are at the car shows? Well [here] are a load of pictures of some of them.

Like Jessica Simpson? Then check out [These] pictures of her as Daisy Duke.

You into WWE wrestling? You know about Chyna and X-Pac's sex video? Well, here it is, direct downloads. [Part 1] - [Part 2] - Not the prettiest of sights I am sure.

[Here] are some more celebrity pictures to check out, a big directory of them.

Check out the short [Gina Lee Nolin] sex video.

Check out [This] gallery full of hot chicks.

Some more celebrity pictures for you to [Check] out.

Some [Hotties] in this gallery for sure.

And lastly for today, check out this hot chick! Click the pic to go there!

20th December 2004

Like your babes blonde? Like them with nice legs? Then check out this blonde babe, just click the picture to go there and happy looking.

[Here] is a nice collection of Jessica Alba pictures for you to stare at, she is hot.

Bikini babes are always nice to look at, so [Here] are some for you to check out.

What's this? Some [More] pictures of babes in bikinis? I think it is, lucky you! Or something.

Not [More] pictures of bikini babes? Yep, I am afraid their is more, what a shame.

[Here] are a bunch of celebrities who have been photographes nude, including Natalie Portman and Liz Hurley amongst others.

Like [Alyssa Milano] ? Then check out her gallery.

Supermodels generally are hot because they have to be, so [Here] is a directory of loads of supermodel pictures for you to check out.

[Here] is a BIG directory of celebrity babes.

You are gonna be busy today checking out all these babe pictures, but here is some [More] for you if you haven't had enough already.

[Here] is a nice video of Kate from Kate's Playground, mmm, boobs!

Ahh, a very [Hot] babe on video, check it out!

And click the image to go to another babe gallery, she is hot indeed.

19th December 2004

I have done another gallery and this one is a wet t-shirt gallery full of hotties, juct click the image to go there you lucky lucky people.

[Here] is a nice little gallery of that hottie Natalie Portman.

We all like lesbian kisses, well [Here] is one from the film 'Wild Things', hothothot.

Some more [Women] in bikini's for you to look at and do other things to if you so wish.

Take a look at [Sweet Krissy], I know I have.

Before Cameron Diaz was famous she appeared in a nice little video, click [Here] to view two clips of it if you haven't seen it already.

[Here] is a hot video of Kate playing with some babyoil.

Anyone out there like Elisha Cuthbert? You do? Well check out [This] video.

I am sure most of you have seen [This] ass before as it's been everywhere so I might as well link to it in the off chance you haven't. Wow.

So who is hotter? Paris Hilton or [Nicky Hilton] ?

Another Christmas babe for you, what with it being near Christmas and stuff.. Click the image to go there and check out this hotty.

18th December 2004

I added a gallery today, more galleries will be added soon. It's a gallery of everyone's favourite ex tennis player and now just a rich bitch, Anna Kournikova. We'd all do her, wouldn't we? Fucking A!

Click the image to go there.

Want to see a video of two girls in lingerie pillow fighting? Well of course you do, and you can by clicking [Here]

It's Christmas month and to celebrate check out [These] Christmas babes.

Their is nothing quite like going to the beach and staring at all the hot chicks. Well you can now do that without leaving ya home, just means you're not actually at the beach at all but you can still stare at some hot beach babes and clicking [Here]

This is one of those situation when you wish every UPS girl looked ike [This]. We've all been there...

[Here's] a babe who is probably Canadian, don't ask me how I came to that conclusion, I just did.

Hot, sexy and most importantly nude bartenders. Do you want to [See] them?

I REALLY wish [This] Christmas babe was in my stocking.

Over at [Stuff] magazine they have released brand spanking new shots of nip slip queen, Tara Reid.

What can I say except these babes are [Hot]

Carmen Electra is hot, we all know that, and just in case you haven't seen her 2005 calendar, you can now do so by clicking the image.

17th December 2004

[Just a quick note to say sorry for the downtime, site is back now with a new domain (The old domain of www.myplaceonthen3t.com still fowards to this one). The site is bit different, due to BW I am now just doing an adult links blog site as you will see, check back daily as it's updated every stinking day. I decided to start off over again but the news will fill up again soon enough]

So over here in England in last year a sexy lady with big natural tits has burst onto the scene and here is a nice gallery of hers, she is well worth checking out if you haven't already. Just click the picture to see more of this babe.

You can also check out more of her at her official [Website]

Another amateur home made sex tape, probably in revenge for being dumped is out for all to see, the girlfriend has a nice set of tits on her so it's worth a watch, you can watch it by clicking [Here].
Just wait 30 seconds for the link to show up on the site.

If you click [Here] then you will be able to view loads of babe pictures including a super babe slideshow gallery, wow, how lucky are we eh?

This has been around for a bit, but in case you missed it somehow you should check out the
[Virtual Bartender], it's very cool and neat and super! And stuff.

[Here] are some nice swimsuit pictures for you to show your gf and/or wife and tell them you wished she looked as good as some of these hotties.

Like lesbians? Of course you bloody well do, we all do! Unles you're gay. So check out [This] video featuring some lesbian action in the back of a taxi, makes me wanna become a taxi driver, it really does.

[Here] are some busty ladies for you to kleenex up over, you dirty dirty bastards.

Girls kissing girls again *sigh*, the video has been made so we might as well check it out, eh? And you can do so by clicking [Here]

And if that isn't enough for today you can also check out this [Site] with lots of hotties, I am just too good to you all, aren't I?

Ok, as I am in a good mood for once, here is one more gallery, click the pic to go there.

[More December News]

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